My Core Competencies

User Experience / Design

  • UX Design and Research
  • Interface Design and Theming
  • Information Architecture
  • Graphic Design (Ai, iD, etc.)

Web / App Development

  • Highly Customized WP/Web Development
  • Semantic PHP, HTML, CSS and JS coding
  • Search, Performance and Security Optimization


  • Corporate & Team Training
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Systems & Process Development

A Little About Me

I am absolutely obsessed with the customer experience and routinely work backwards from customer needs within the business context and technical constraints. I'm also comitted to investing in personal growth, helping to develop talent, and cultivating an environment that individuals are proud to be part of. I prioritize time and resources effectively and leverage data to inform my decisions, always weighing the impact and tradeoffs of responses and seeking input where needed to drive alignment. Using proper goal setting I believe we can demolish silos, cultivate better connection among contributors, increase revenue and reduce employee turn over.

At the end of the day, I'm capable of bringing a positive, driving enthusiasm to company objectives, collaborating effectively across departments and enabling a high level of 'buy in' within the team.

Best Regards, Jesse Matlock

Featured Work

WatchGuard Video

WatchGuard Video is the leading provider of mobile video solutions for law enforcement, having supplied in-car video systems and body-worn cameras along with evidence management software to approximately one-third of all law enforcement agencies in the United States and Canada. WatchGuard hired me, as their User Experience Engineer, to design, develop and implement a complete solution for the Evidence Management Software.

  • Client

    WatchGuard Video

  • Skills

    User-Experience and User Interface Design, Front-end Development, HTML, CSS, Javascript

View Process

iFly GPS APP UI Design

Adventure Pilot, the parent company of iFly, hired me to design a Next Generation User Interface for their popular Pilot Navigation application. Designing an intuitive, highly functional User Experience was critical as the app is used during flight by pilots across the world. My responsibilities covered the entire End-to-end user experience, including gathering requirements, creating high level concepts, wireframes and interactive mockups as well as handing off the final designs to developers.

  • Client

    Adventure Pilot

  • Skills

    Mobile App UI / UX Design, User Experience Research, Wireframes / Interactive Mockups

Giftie Branding & Mobile UI Design

Giftie, an app developed by Beamboard, focuses on Chicago dining and offers a network of restaurant gift cards as part of its monthly fee. Beamboard contracted me to Design their Corporate Branding, Web and Mobile Interfaces, Email and Marketing collateral as well as code their Web App front-end.

  • Client

    Giftie / Beamboard

  • Skills

    Corporate Branding, Logo and Email Marketing Design, Mobile UI/UX Design, Web App Design and Development

Infinity Consulting Solutions

ICS provides today's companies with flexible workforce solutions. Via a National Design firm, I was hired to design and hand code a new web presence for the organization, one that allowed intuitive access to job listings as well as lead management.

  • Client

    Infinity Consulting Solutions via Lighthouse Design Studio

  • Skills

    Web App Design and Development

Multiple App, Website and Print Projects

I've had the pleasure of working on literally dozens and dozens of sites and apps. Collaborating with talented teams in various capacities - from UI Designer and Front-end Developer to Sr. UX Engineer and Project Manager. Projects have ranged from small business sites to enterprise level applications, print design and branding work.

  • Client

    Multiple National Design Firms & Direct Clients

  • Skills

    Corporate Branding, Logo and Email Marketing Design, Mobile UI/UX Design, Web App Design and Development

The Family Greenhouse

The Family Greenhouse, recently renamed to The Relationship Experts, are a devout group of skilled relationship coaches that impact marriages and families in incredibly positive ways, every day. As close friends, they asked me to design a completely new Brand image for their organization, complete with updated web presence, marketing and print collateral, trade show booth designs and more.

  • Client

    The Family Greenhouse

  • Skills

    Corporate Branding, Email Marketing Design, Website UI/UX Design & Development

My Resume

Contract Development
(During COVID)
2020 - current

UX Research, Design & Front-end Development

During COVID I found myself in a challenging situation and decided to adjust my strategy by returning to remote development contract work, until the lockdowns, mandates, etc. were relaxed. During this time I've had the pleasure of working with several great clients and assisted one organization in the design, development and deployment of a B2B eCommerce site for over 40k products! Skills: Flexibility / Perserverance, Business Processes, UX Design, HTML/CSS/JS/PHP Coding

2019 - 2020

VP of Operations

As an organizational leader it was my responsibility to use best practices in making recommendations, and decisions, for the organization that would lead to a profitable and sustainable company. Working directly with the owners of HPR, my role was to coordinate team efforts, streamline company processes and identify areas of opportunity across multiple disciplines. My approach included Setting Clear Expectations, Establishing Intuitive Processes (with Follow-Up) and Developing a Strong Team. This was a 3-6 mo. role, with the potential to extend, although due to COVID-19 it was mutually agreed that I would not continue at this time and that we would revisit the agreement once COVID subsided. Skills: Operations, Business Processes, Efficiency, Team Development, Revenue Growth

Christ Fellowship
2015 - 2018

Ministry Director

My duties included overseeing all aspects of the Church's Coffee House experience, Nations Coffee. Within 3 years the team and I were able to bring a ministry that showed historical losses for nearly a decade to a self-sustaining model while serving many of McKinney's prestigious events through our catering services. Whether I was developing Recipes and Menus, Training / Mentoring Staff or Designing Marketing Collateral for our catering customers, my role was both varied and highly detailed. Skills: Marketing Design, Training, Team building, Branding, P&L

WatchGuard Video
2013 - 2015

UX Engineer (UI Research, Design and Development)

WatchGuard hired me to design, and develop, a completely new interface to handle the complex task of managing the massive amount of video evidence stored from our Nations police departments In-Car and Body Worn cameras. The interface required an intuitive interface that would allow quick, easy retrieval of important event records while providing a robust search function within the dataset. Additionally, the design included controls for video trimming, management of attached hardware and cloud sharing of records. Skills: User Experience Design, Interface Design, Front-end Development, C-Level Coolaboration

Revive Marketing
2006 - 2013
2013 - 2019 Selected Projects

Director of Development

I led a remote team of designers and developers that designed websites, applications and marketing material for clients all over the world. This highly skilled team was hired to develop sites such as an Asian competitor to Yelp (unnamed due to NDA), enterprise level file sharing apps, public opinion and video sharing sites and more. My role was to both lead the team by managing project tasks, milestones and deliverables but also to foster an environment of healthy, challenging learning for each team member. I thoroughly enjoyed my time leading the team at Revive, and if it were just for the money I would still be leading them. However, over the years I learned that interacting with a local team, even if working remotely, allows a depth of friendship that's just not possible with a team spread across the globe (think of even helping someone move houses, these are the things that give us the opportunity to serve others). Skills: Project / Account Management, Team Leadership, User Experience Design, Interface Design, Front-end Development

Clark College
Fall Semester 2013

Adjunct Instructor - Web Design / Development

Clark College hired me as an Adjunct Instructor for the Web Design class. The class consisted of about 20 students, most of whom were either frustrated or lost when it came to how content was delivered in previous, similar, classes. My approach was fairly simple, but it provided incredible results. Instead of teaching directly from the text books I based each lesson off the required curriculum and interwove my personal experience and tricks I'd learned from others, to give them a kick start in their design and development projects. The class culminated in students pairing up and designing a complete website for a real business in the community. Being able to guide them in design, development and customer interaction was extremely rewarding and ultimately resulted in many of the students starting their own businesses, successfully, after graduation. I was asked to return the following semester but due to my personal work load and family time, I had to decline. Skills: Experiential Training, Curriculum Design, Business Coaching, Web Design & Development

Walnut Grove Church
2011 - 2012

Technology Director

I've been blessed with the ability to use my leadership and mentoring skills while fulfilling a multi-facetted role as both the Youth Director and Technology Director at Walnut Grove Church. By focusing on the needs of the youth and with support from my wife, the lead pastor and support staff, the combined team was able to grow the group both in numbers and depth of knowledge. Responsible for the leadership of the Youth group and leadership teams as well as Implementing a new format that provided deeper relationships and growth. I provided research and direction on nearly all aspects of technology and organized youth events and fundraisers. Skills: Technology Director, Budgeting & Training, Teaching

Revive Coffeehouse
2007 - 2008

Coffeehouse / Micro Roaster, Co-Owner

As the co-owner of the Coffeehouse my role was both intense and varied, covering most aspects of the business. The areas I focused the most time/energy on were the branding and marketing of the company, importing, roasting and preparing specialty grade coffees, training baristas, supervisors and managers and handling the day to day operations and finances of the business. Skills: Coffee Roasting, Barista Training & Financial Operations

Verizon Wireless
2004 - 2006

Senior Sales Trainer

As Senior Sales Training my job was to design, deliver and track progress on technical, sales and management training initiatives for the West Region. I was one of three Senior trainers for the West region and traveled the West Coast and Hawaiian Islands delivering courses. Skills: Management, Training, Course Creation

My Skills

Desire to Learn
Team Leadership
UX Best Practices
Application Development
Business Operations
Creative Design
Corporate Training
Coffee Addiction

Let's Connect

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